Sodium bicarbonate
Synonyms Натрий бикарбонат, пищевая сода, натрий двууглекислый, натрий бикарбонат
International name Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate; Sodium hydrocarbonate
Formula NaHCO3
Molecular mass 84.01
GOST ГОСТ 2156-76
CAS 144-55-8
UKZED code 2836 30 00 00
Packing 25 kg bag
Manufacturer Russia
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Density  2,159 г / см 3
temperature plavlenyya:  270 ° C
Boiling point (decomposes) : 851 ° C
Solubility in water, g / 100 ml pri 20°C 9

classification ES: S24; S25;

Symvol: -

classification OON UN:-
Hazard Class UN-

Сода пищевая – порошок кристаллического типа мелкого помола белого цвета, без характерного запаха. Имеет солоноватый мыльный вкус, который раздражает слизистые оболочки. Просто и быстро растворяется в воде. Формула  NaHCO3reacts with an acidic environment. At a temperature of over 60 degrees is decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and sodium carbonate. The main feature of baking soda is alkaline her options that are safe for living organisms.

In the natural environment soda found in the composition of trona, as well as in an aqueous solution of mineral lakes, sources. There is a soda and plant ash. Baking soda synthetically produced by Solvay technology. For example, baking soda is an intermediate in the synthesis of ammonia soda technique.

The use of baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate in bulk is widely used in many industries, households, as well as in everyday life.

  • In the food industry, soda is an additive labeled E500. It is used in cooking, the production of bread, confectionery, it is used as a baking powder in baking, as an active substance in the manufacture of carbonated drinks.
  • Wholesale baking soda is used in medicine. The description of the substance and its affordable cost allow the use of soda as a cheap and effective antiseptic, as well as a drug for the treatment of stomach pain.
  • In the chemical field, baking soda is used for the manufacture of dyes, polystyrene, reagents, household chemical goods, as well as a filler for fire extinguishers.
  • The light industry uses sodium bicarbonate in the manufacture of rubber for the soles of shoes, as well as in the manufacture of leather substitutes, leather, textile.
  • In everyday life, soda is an environmentally friendly and effective detergent and cleaner. The substance is an excellent anti-burn agent and an assistant for insect bites.

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