Chemical reagents in bulk

To organize the work of many enterprises, consumables, chemical reagents in bulk are needed, which are used not only in the production, but are also needed in the work of specialists and craftsmen. ATK Ukraine, considering this need, offers to buy chemicals in any quantities, including wholesale. Moreover, our products from the manufacturer have a very affordable cost.

The use of industrial chemistry

The main task of the chemical industry is to change the chemical formula (structure) of natural materials to produce valuable products that are designed for everyday needs or applications in other industries.

Chemicals are divided into:

Organic, based on carbon atoms bound to hydrogen and other elements.
Inorganic, which are obtained from mineral sources, for example, sulfur, chlorine.
The production of industrial chemistry produces substances for use in agriculture and in all types of industry in Ukraine. The main areas of use are:

  • woodworking, forestry industry;
  • the medicine;
  • thermal power station;
  • flexoprinting;
  • production of rubber, plastics, building materials;
  • washing and cleaning of industrial equipment.

You can buy from us not only the wholesale chemical reagents offered in Dnepropetrovsk, but also other products with a description from the list of the company. Its high quality, confirmed by relevant certificates, and adequate prices are guaranteed.

We deliver industrial chemicals to both Kiev and other cities. Our experts will answer all your questions, who will be able to recommend certain chemicals for laboratories, if you need recommendations of a similar plan.