Nutritional supplements wholesale

ATK Ukraine is a manufacturer and supplier of flavor enhancers, preservatives, acidity regulators, emulsifiers. At affordable prices you can buy food additives for meat processing, production of fast food, sauces, drinks, and other food industries.

Successfully cooperating with international leaders in the field of raw materials production, we produce goods whose quality is confirmed by certificates and other accompanying acts.

Components of food chemistry

Food chemistry formulas contain compounds and chemical components that have different effects on raw materials and finished products. A description of all compounds is present on the product.

In the context of the company, food ingredients in bulk from the manufacturer are providing consumers with high-quality chemical raw materials, the use of which will allow:

  • improve the appearance and taste of food products, ready meals;
  • increase shelf life;
  • control at the stage of preparation the change in the consistency of products;
  • optimize the production process, storage conditions of raw materials and food products.

The implementation of food chemistry

Working with customers, we try so that they can buy food ingredients at the optimal cost, in the right amount, in bulk, including, being in any corner of Ukraine.

Forming stocks, we strive to take into account the needs of small and large consumers, therefore, in our assortment there are a wide variety of food additives in bulk, including dyes, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, various trace elements, etc.

We constantly optimize logistics, working only with reliable suppliers, manufacturers. If necessary, we will carry out prompt delivery of purchased products to the desired region of the country, not only to Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk.