Laboratory equipment wholesale

The process of equipping a laboratory is an important and responsible task. The productivity and, ultimately, the width of the spectrum of the studies performed depend on the capabilities and quality of each device. If your organization needs to buy laboratory equipment, reagents, laboratory glassware, ATK Ukraine - at your service. We carry out the supply of necessary products in bulk for laboratories of various sizes, profiles, activities at an affordable cost.

Our company supplies products throughout Ukraine. International quality standards, an individual approach to all customers, certified service, solutions for various budgets, all types of laboratories, our own delivery service - as a result, our customers are completely confident in the products we offer from the manufacturer.

The following laboratory equipment can be purchased from us:

  • hydrometers
  • hygrometers
  • manometers
  • thermometers
  • laboratory glassware
  • connecting elements
  • watches, laboratory alcoholics
  • and other equipment at good prices.

The presented items will become assistants in the work of the laboratory, which is engaged in scientific research, calculation of formulas and performs research in any city, including Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk.

Laboratory devices - a separate class of equipment used for the study of solids, bulk materials, liquids. Most industries require the use of specialized laboratory devices. Their application greatly simplifies the work of specialists, reduces the time spent on solving tasks.

Our equipment for a chemical laboratory will satisfy the needs of any industries and enterprises: educational, medical, etc. The description that accompanies the devices will help you quickly master them. Such equipment requires taking into account the location, area of ​​the room, budget for equipment, etc.