Agricultural chemistry wholesale

If you want to protect your crops and plantings from weeds, diseases, pests or you need to root, seedlings, accelerate the ripening of plants, you will definitely have to buy agrochemicals, growth regulators and plant protection products. ATK Ukraine sells a wide range of quality goods in this area, delivering in any quantities to different points in Ukraine.

We offer wholesale at the best prices a wide range of insecticides, hydrogels, herbicides, desiccants, fungicides, another agricultural chemistry is presented, which can be used by owners not only from Kiev, but also from other cities. Our specialists and product descriptions will help to understand all this diversity.

All our products from the manufacturer are aimed at improving the agricultural industry, its application will certainly increase the yield of crops you planted.

With us you can buy agricultural chemistry in bulk of the following categories:

  • mineral fertilizers
  • organic fertilizers
  • plant protection products,
  • chemical experts
  • other chemistry for crops.

For the convenience of customers, our products are sold with an indication of the formulas of the elements that make up its composition. Here, the doses of nutrients for each plant are indicated taking into account the characteristics of the soil.

We guarantee high quality of our products, since only the latest technology is used in the production process for its manufacture. As a result, it has become popular with many farmland owners across the country, including Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, etc. In addition, the cost of our chemistry is acceptable to almost everyone.

We provide a choice of delivery method of purchase. It can also be delivered by hired and own vehicles.